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Business Process Management deals with aligning the processes, people and resources in an enterprise to derive the maximum out of its business goals. Our proprietary Business Process Management (BPM) solutions equip your enterprise with the right kind of tools to optimize your overall processes and systems.

Essential parts of our BPM solutions are Business Process Outsourcing and Application Outsourcing, where we undertake to manage and maintain parts of your overall processes so that you more effective as a business by focusing more on your core competency areas. Our BPM approach enables effective automation, networking and systems integration, at the enterprise level, as well as during each stage of your processes. Our BPM tools facilitate planning, analysis, monitoring and governance of your business activities, so that your goals of maintaining high levels of product quality and customer satisfaction are met consistently, besides improving delivery and time-to-market speeds.

Our Business Process Management development life-cycle is characterized by the following aspects:

We create the logical design consisting of the pictorial representation of the information flow and the decision making processes. We also create physical design which is precursor to the modeling stage and consists of identification of the suitable technology, creation of the skeleton and scaffolding of the IT environment.

This is where we create the data model for the application database. We create logical models to enable customers to experience smooth flow of information and intuitive decision making and reporting.

This stage brings the scoping and effort estimation of the application to a conclusion. This is supplemented by articulating Service Level Agreements (SLA) and other larger objectives of the application.

We monitor the SLA’s set in execution, conduct code reviews, scrutinize the application components from reusability considerations, and vet it for various regulatory and other types of compliances.

Optimization and Re-engineering
We refine and fine-tune the application as per the customer’s needs. We analyze and further investigate possibilities of ensuring best ROI for the customers by making the application less prone to maintenance and additional future investments.

Driving customer service and operational excellence
Our proactive support systems ensure that our customers have round the clock confidence in the IT investments and are able to achieve operational excellence by focusing on what they do better.

Our solutions ensure quick returns on investments, enhanced management control over the application as well as the processes – thereby ensuring greater value addition.


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