Industry Specific IT solutions

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It makes greater sense for companies to adopt solutions which have relevance to them from their own industry standpoint. This eliminates additional costs and redundancies from such implementations. Our deep understanding of industry domains such as financial services, manufacturing, telecommunications, retail, healthcare, government, and pharmaceuticals and so on, ensures that we design and execute solutions which are spot on in meeting the requirements. Our keen understanding and insights about these industries’ visions, business processes, regulatory and competitive environments, and the compelling needs of their information customers helps us develop highly effective implementations.

Enterprise-wide data integration and access becomes difficult in the case of companies that have grown through mergers and acquisitions, because they might have inherited a heterogeneous mix of financial and other such systems. For such cases, we offer tailor-made solutions which address their specific business needs. Typically, these solutions help improve inventory management, reduce operating costs, and improve profitability, by providing business leaders access to accurate, comprehensive information to base their decisions on.

We have developed a proven approach to make implementations highly predictable for our customers while providing the high degree of customization their businesses requirements.

Industry Sample Business Processes

Discrete manufacturing.
Logistics planning.
Production rework.
Materials management.
Production planning.
Active-ingredient processing and material quantity calculation.
Warehouse management.
Professional services.
Client and project acquisition.
Sales order management.
Client and opportunity management.
Turn valuable opportunities into future projects.
Reduce cost of sales.
Improve forecasting and planning accuracy.
Procure services and perform strategic-sourcing activities.
Streamline requisition-to-payment processes with contractors.
Plan, execute, manage, and analyze IT projects from beginning to end.
Increase resource utilization.


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It makes greater sense for companies to adopt solutions which have relevance to them from their own industry standpoint. This eliminates additional costs and