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Oracle, as is well known, is a market leader in providing an optimized stack of hardware and software systems.We are proud to have been recognized by Oracle for our specialized services and expertise in implementing Oracle’s technology and application-stack solutions. We develop and implement Oracle’s functionally rich, integrated, secure, and scalable enterprise cloud services and solutions globally, across industries and business functions. We offer diversified ERP Application Implementations, Enterprise Integration and Business Process Management solutions.We equip our customers with further leverage and differentiate their solutions providing native manageability by using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control.

JComponent can rapidly build and deploy SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS(Platform as a Service), and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) applications on Oracle – making use of a comprehensive set of open, integrated technologies for both on-premise and cloud-based deployments. These include Oracle Database and Oracle WebLogic Server, as well as Oracle’s engineered systems (such as the Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud).

Oracle Fusion Middleware Solutions

Today's enterprise technology managers face a daunting challenge. They must balance the need to provide best of breed technology, keep costs low and system integration harmonious while assuring executives that they're investing in sustainable solutions. Oracle Fusion Middleware simplifies enterprise technology management by providing companies with end-to-end system visibility on a common platform. With Fusion Middleware, CIO's and IT Managers have a tool for seamlessly integrating disparate ERP, database, network and reporting solutions. More importantly, it allows them to optimize ROI in IT. With Fusion Middleware companies can:

Limit throw away costs of customizations that must be made today.
Tailor applications and modules more quickly and for less money, while still relying on common standards and reusable components.
Guarantee solution scalability.
Simplify the growing complexity of ERP, database, reporting tool and network integration Oracle Corporation has been developing its Fusion Middleware for over a decade, and today it has become the industry's most comprehensive family of pre-integrated industry-leading middleware, and JComponent Technologies is uniquely positioned to help you incorporate Fusion Middleware into your system strategy.

At JComponent we have developed SOA and B2B Tools that will help our clients to quick start Fusion Middleware Implementations. Our engineers will guide your company across the different lifecycle stages of adoption while providing support for the smooth integration of ERP systems such as Oracle's E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Siebel, and Fusion Applications.

As your partner, JComponent ensures that your organization enjoys all the benefits that the Fusion Middleware technology stack has to offer: the development and operation of flexible, intelligent business applications as we deliver these specific Fusion Middleware solutions on SOA, BPM, and B2B. We will bring some of the Generic tools that are pre-built with simple modifications can be incorporated into your FMW development environment.

Oracle SOA and BPM Solutions

Oracle SOA and BPM suites form the core component of Fusion Middleware which offers standards-based products which enable service oriented architecture solutions. Oracle SOA is standard business integration platform which companies can use to weave staff, systems and documents into a process which can be optimized, managed and monitored.

Oracle B2B Solutions

Oracle B2B is an e-commerce gateway that enables the secure and reliable exchange of business documents between you and your trading partners. It does this because it facilitates end-to-end trading partner management by supporting business-to-business document standards, security, transports, and messaging services. JComponent will help you map your trading partner management strategy, define the appropriate B2B solution architecture, implement B2B, test and maintain it. We have our own Oracle B2B pre-built tools to test the agreements and connectivity and pre-built SOA composites to get data from Oracle ERP systems that reduces development time and cost by creating a configuration-driven approach that is flexible and simple to scale. Second, it allows for new trading partners to be added (on-boarded) rapidly and easily in the future, thus saving time and money.

JComponent Technologies will help you Architect and Build the FMW solutions that:

Improve agility and flexibility of business processes.
Increase visibility, control and compliance with business processes.
Adapt and scale your business requirements.
Establish governance to facilitate SLA and KPI management.
Continue to extract value out of existing investments.
Integrate security into process management while segregating security from service functionality.
Establish common development standards and provide common error handling and monitoring platform.

Other Fusion Middleware Solutions Enabled by Oracle SOA:

Oracle Business Intelligence.
Oracle Content Management.
Master Data Management.

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Oracle Partner

Oracle, as is well known, is a market leader in providing an optimized stack of hardware and software systems.We are proud to have been recognized by Oracle for our specialized

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